After one night in Cork, in Sheila’s Hostel, I headed to Ringaskiddy, the little at the mouth of the Lee River, where the ferries from France arrive. That’s where arrived the Pont-Aven, the Brittany Ferry that my parents took.




A short embrace later, we headed in car to Sneem, less than two hours of a ride, first through the good roads between Cork and Killarney, until we reached the peninsula of Iveragh, the biggest peninsula of Kerry country, where the width and the quality of the roads decreases suddenly, but not the speeding limit !


Agrandir le plan


We arrived then a the end of the afternoon at Sneem (in Gaelic : An tSnaidhm), a village, filled with leisure resorts made of cottages for people in holidays.








Not much to say about the village except, quite surprisingly, a monument dedicated to Charles de Gaulle, who used to visit the village in the sixties, and (not surprisingly!) the beauty of the landscapes around.




This village would be the head quarter of our exploration of the region.