This will be my last post in this blog. Tomorrow, I'm leaving Belfast and Ireland for good. Direction : Greece and Athens ! :-)

Here are my last pictures of Belfast, not very cheerful ones : last week was the Twelfth of July, and it's the bonfire season, when Loyalists remind everybody the day of the Battle of the Boyne, by burning huge stack of woods and crap, and as you can see they add insult to injury by burning the Republic of Ireland flag on it (sometimes, even the picture of the pope). Of course, sometimes, it depends the year, the situation is quite tense between the communities : bomb alerts, riots, etc. On the second picture, you can see the police, near where I work, closing the Albert Bridge due to a bomb scare in the central station. Due to this, we finished 1h30 earlier this day !

P110709_11 P100709_15

I will keep writing a blog, a new one, and this time i will experiment a new provider, probably Blogger.